For up to date prices, check out our pricing page.

Free Tier

IOpipe has a generous free tier aimed at hobbyists and startups to get going with serverless development and operations.  The free tier has some feature limitations and limited data retention policy.  For more details, check out our pricing page.

Pricing Model

Our paid tiers include all of our features, and are based on the number of invocations and data retention desired.  If you're looking for something more robust we're happy to provide a quote.  Contact us at for more.

AWS Marketplace

You can also use the AWS Marketplace to purchase IOpipe services. If you do so, you will be billed by AWS directly, but they will be the same prices 

Discounts for Startups and Non-Profits

We ❤ startups and non-profits, and are happy to offer discounts.  Feel free to reach out to us at or chat with us on this page.

If you find any out of date info, errors, or just have any other questions, you can hit up our engineers and our community of users directly on Slack

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