How to integrate PagerDuty

First, you’ll need to go to Teams in the IOpipe dashboard, and select the team you wish to enable PagerDuty integration for. At the bottom of the page, click the ‘Connect to PagerDuty’ button:

After that, integrating your IOpipe-monitored serverless functions is just like adding any other hook to an IOpipe Alert. First, create your alert, then at the end you’ll see the option to add hooks:

Once you’ve clicked ‘Add Hook’, you’ll see a list of options — including PagerDuty.

And that’s it! You’ll start receiving PagerDuty alerts for any IOpipe alerts with the PagerDuty hook added to them, which will have a blue PagerDuty hook, like below:

When you get a PagerDuty alert, it will have custom details matching the name of the IOpipe alert (source) and the status (status). There’s even a link to view the alert event in the IOpipe dashboard:

If you find any out of date info, errors, or just have any other questions, you can hit up our engineers and our community of users directly on Slack

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