Projects are a way to logically separate functions in IOpipe.  Functions that are not in the same project will not share alerts, or be easily compared.  If you have a small team, it’s usually fine to have everything in a single project.

Don’t worry about having a ton of functions in a single project, we have ways to easily filter and search functions to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.  Filtering and searching makes it easy to compare functions within a single project.  It's not possible to filter or search functions or invocations between two or more projects.

A single project can contain functions that are spread across multiple AWS accounts and regions.  This can be handy for doing performance comparisons between versions or regions of specific functions.

Everyone on your team can access every project in the team.  For finer grained access controls, consider using multiple teams.

If you have applications that are very different from one another, you may want to consider creating a project per application.  If you have applications that share some of the same functions between them, consider grouping them into the same project.

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