IOpipe ingests data from your Lambda functions and provides you with a real-time dashboard, alerts, and visibility into your systems. Below is a list of the kind of data IOpipe collects from the system:

  • timestamp (when the invocation happened)
  • AWS function information (name, version, ARN, log stream and group, memory limit, remaining time in ms, X-Ray trace id)
  • disk usage
  • memory usage
  • IOpipe agent information (runtime, agent version)
  • host information, including boot_id
  • CPU usage
  • Errors (name, stacktrace)

IOpipe agents generate additional data to identify unique processes and coldstarts as well. Additionally, you might instrument your IOpipe agent and send additional data:

  • labels
  • custom metrics
  • custom trace data
  • auto-http trace data
  • log data
  • event-info

These options are available in the bundled agents (@iopipe/iopipe for NodeJS and default installations of Python and Java agents), and can be configured and/or turned off as appropriate for your use case.

If you're concerned about PCI compliance, please see our article on using PCI compliant workloads with IOpipe.

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