Alerts can help your team quickly identify performance, configuration, and engineering anomalies in your serverless stack.

  • Alerts are available for all free and paid IOpipe subscription plans.
  • There is no limit to the number of active alerts per project.
  • An alert applies to a single serverless function, but multiple alerts can be created at the same time.
  • Alerts have configurable rules that determine when the alert should be in ALARM and notify your team.
  • Alerts notify each hook that your team defines. An alert can have 1 or more hooks.
  • Alerts can be muted to help your team reduce noise or concentrate when you are investigating an issue.
  • Alerts are evaluated at least once every two minutes.
  • If an alert is in ALARM state, your alert hooks will be notified continually. Notifications will arrive immediately, at 5 , 10 , 20 minutes, etc until the minimum notification time of once per day.
  • When you delete an alert, the alert event history is not deleted. You will be able to view past events if necessary.

Creating an Alert

Check out our tutorial to get started.


I don't see a button to create/edit an alert.

  • Your account must have the proper write permissions to work with alerts. Contact your team admin if you need upgraded permissions.

My team is not receiving an alert notification.

Need extra help? No problem! Shoot us an email at or check out our slack community.

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