Using Slack as an alert hook is a great way to keep your team up to speed on the health of your Lambda functions.  You can send notifications to the channel of your choosing whenever an IOpipe alert is triggered.

Integrate with Slack

Login to the dashboard and head to the Teams page.

Once you've logged in, select the team you'd like to integrate with Slack.  Under the Integrations section, you'll see a button that says Connect to Slack .  Click that button.

Now you'll be taken to Slack.  If you're not already logged in, it will ask you to log in.  You should see a list of Slack teams which you have rights to add integrations.  Select the team you'd like to integrate.

Slack will now ask you to grant the appropriate permissions required to send alerts to Slack channels.  Click Authorize to finish.

After you've completed these steps, you can close the browser tab and head back to the Team settings in IOpipe.  Under integrations, you should see the following successful message.

Next Steps

Now that you've integrated Slack with IOpipe, create a new alert and select a Slack channel as the web hook.

Extra Info

  •  Currently you can only send alerts to public channels, if you'd like to send alerts to private channels please give us a shout at


  • Don't see any teams listed when authorizing Slack?   Make sure that you've logged into the appropriate Slack team.  If you are still having issues, contact your Slack administrator to make sure that you have the appropriate privileges. 
  • Reach out to us at if you have any issues, we're happy to help.

If you find any out of date info, errors, or just have any other questions, you can hit up our engineers and our community of users directly on Slack

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