There are two ways to filter the functions view by region.  

  1. On the functions page, you can use the search functions box to filter by region by typing region:<region-name> 
  2. Click on the region tag next to the function name. (us-east-1  in the example below)

The charts will automatically update to reflect the new dataset to be visualized. 

Pro-tip: Partial region names can be used for more advanced filtering needs, such as region:eu  to see all functions in Europe, or region:ap  to see all regions in Asia Pacific. 

If you’d like to try this feature out, we have a 2-week free trial, and this feature extends to all of our plans, including forever free.

If you find any out of date info, errors, or just have any other questions, you can hit up our engineers and our community of users directly on Slack

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