Each week, your team members will receive an email for each project that summarizes the status and health of your serverless stack using data collected by IOpipe. 

It can be especially helpful to get a quick glance at some functions that may need attention, errors that need resolving, or alerts that might need tweaking— essentially a broad overview of the information you need, consolidated into a regularly-sent email.

There are currently 3 sections in this email, so let's go into detail on what's in each one:


This area will show you up to 6 functions that may need some examination. We calculate a score for showing you these functions based on the following attributes:

  • The delta in invocation count from the previous week
  • The number of errors found during the week for that function
  • The delta in average invocation duration from the previous week

If your functions have negative qualities in these attributes, they will show up more often. If your serverless stack is completely healthy, then you'll simply see how amazing your team is!

There is also a link following each function that will take you to the IOpipe dashboard in order to create an alert for that function— allowing you to quickly monitor any unexpected changes and be alerted more rapidly than in our weekly emails.


IOpipe can assist your team in identifying and attending to errors that may have slipped through in a day-to-day view. This section will show you the most important errors based on the total error count for the week, and the delta in errors from the previous week.


Alerts are the most powerful way to monitor and react to changes and errors in your serverless stack. In this section, we will surface the alerts that trigger most often to ALARM. This allows you to see which alerts are making the most noise, and figure out whether alert parameters need adjusting or if something is really throwing a wrench in your serverless stack.

If you’d like to try this new feature out, we have a 2-week free trial, and this feature extends to all of our plans, including forever free.

If you find any out of date info, errors, or just have any other questions, you can hit up our engineers and our community of users directly on Slack

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